Three Reasons Why Britney Should NOT Be An X Factor Judge


E! News has reported that Britney has signed on to be a judge on the second season of the US version of X Factor. I trust E!. Their sources are almost always credible. Shock jock Howard Stern has already voiced his opinion. Upon hearing the news, he said he’ll only tune in to watch Britney be a “complete train wreck”. I hate having to agree with Howard Stern, damn it! I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I believe Britney is not good for the show. Before I continue, let me first say that I am a big fan of Britney. So we’re good? Okay. Below are my reasons:

1. Personality:

Let’s face it, Britney has become a shadow of her former self. Prior to her meltdown, she was bubbly, loveable and genuinely interesting. Sure, she’s made a successful comeback on the charts, but still doesn’t seem like the Britney we know and love. In recent years, she’s looked increasingly vacant and distant. A lack of personality would not serve her well on a platform such as X Factor.

2. Vocal Ability:

Judges on singing competitions do not necessarily have to be musicians, or even be able to sing. They need to know music or, at least, the music business. Let’s look at last year’s X-Factor panel. Simon Cowell is not a singer, nor is LA Reid. Their purpose, however, was to provide insight into how contestants would fare in the competitive music world. Simon Cowell is responsible for super group Il Divo and is also behind Leona Lewis’ breakthrough in America. LA Reid, on the other hand, manages careers of artists such as Rihanna. They deserve their places. Britney is an entertainer, not a musician.What else does she have to offer? This brings us to my final point.

3. Music Knowledge:

This is pure conjecture on my part, but it doesn’t seem like Britney has academic music knowledge that could save her. I would be surprised if she commented on contestants’ pitch and vocal range (as you do). I wouldn’t be surprised if her contract requires that the presenter must defer to the other judges before asking Britney’s opinion. This is where Britney loses to Jennifer Lopez. Humour me on this one. Over on American Idol, Lopez often gives contestants’ advice which shows she has sound music knowledge, in turn disguising her less than average vocal ability. I really don’t believe Britney has the same knowledge that would benefit the contestants, or herself.

On The Upside:

It’s not all bleak,though. Britney does have some strengths that could work to her advantage on the show. She can teach her mentees on dealing with fame and being media savvy. Let’s face it, no one knows more about dealing with the media than Britney. Secondly, everything she touches turns into ratings gold, and might produce the viewership Simon was hoping for from the first season. I’m cautiously optimistic for her and the show. What do you think?


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