Simon Cowell Confirms New X Factor Judges

Mark Davis/Getty Images
Mark Davis/Getty Images

It’s Britney, Bitch! Simon Cowell has confirmed that Britney and Demi Lavato will be the new X Factor judges. This sees the departure of snooze fest Nicole Sherzinger and Paula Abdul. The new panel includes Simon, Britney, Demi and LA Reid. I still stand behind my previous article that Britney is not a good fit for the show. Simon Cowell, however, is a business man. He knows Britney’s involvement will lead to better ratings and bigger ad revenue.

As for Demi Lavato, her selection is a bit surprising. In a good way, though. She’s talented and could bring in a younger demographic. According to Simon, they will “seriously kick butt” this season. LA Reid reckons their panel is the “Rolls Royce of television”. I have to admit, this line up is pretty spectacular.

The new season is set to start in September in the US, and will premier in South Africa shortly thereafter. Sound off on your opinions in the comments section.


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