Things I Look Forward To: Pan Macmillan’s “Youngsters” Series

Photo Credit: Pan Macmillan
Photo Credit: Pan Macmillan

Admittedly, I’m bad at reading actual books. I’ve tried many times, but just can’t get myself to finish them. Why would I be excited about an upcoming book release, I hear you say? Well, Pan Macmillan has managed to get some of South Africa’s most revered and accomplished young celebrities to write pocket books on issues affecting our country.

From Pan Macmillan:

“The Youngsters is a fresh, entertaining series of pocket books that feature prominent young South African voices worth listening to, edited by bestselling author and award-winning journalist Mandy Wiener.”

The writers include Anele Mdoda (pictured in animated form above), Khaya Dlanga, Nic Rabinowitz, Danny K and Shaka Sisulu.  Anele is mostly known for being awesome, hosting the drive time show on Highveld and her symbiotic relationship with Grant Nash. Yes, mutualism is awesome! She writes about her gap, her weight and how she owns it. I am mostly intrigued about her thoughts on the identity crises faced by cocktails, though.

Danny K writes about everything it seems. From his relationship with Lee-Anne Liebenberg, fame and rejection. He has seen a lot of criticism from his fans over the years, ragging on about his music to who he’s dating. Personally, I am looking forward to reading about how he coped with it all, and what I can learn from him. Another favourite of mine, Nik Rabinowitz, tackles political issues from a comedian’s perspective. He also dishes out advice on how to cope as a young South African.

Shaka Sisulu, founding member of Cheesekids and grandson to Walter Sisulu, writes about everything from BEE, leadership and how to create your own legacy as an African. The series also features contributions by Khaya Dlanga and Gillian Breslin. The books are available for pre-order from Pan Macmillan online, and will be available from 11 June. Yes, I will read them all and write a review as soon as it’s published.

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