Lindiwe Suttle Launches Attack Against Bullying


It’s rare to find a celebrity who takes on a cause, purely based on how it can help society and not just their media profile. Lindiwe Suttle, to the ordinary person, is the epitome of perfection. She has the  perfect life, celebrity status and has led a life of privilege. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t faced any difficulty or oppression, though. Lindiwe has revealed that she was bullied as a child for being a “coconut”. A “coconut”, in South Africa, isn’t just a fruit people. It is used to refer to people of colour who “act” white. This means that you speak and dress well, and probably went to a good school.

From Lindiwe:

Growing up I had to defend myself every school from girl’s that bullied me for being a “coconut”. I never told my parents how each day I went to school in fear. It seems now, there is an increase in teen suicides and brutal bullying violence and this brings me great sadness.I had to write a song that kids could sing at the top of their lungs with joy and confidence and celebrate who they are.

Her childhood abuse has obviously affected Lindiwe in such a way that she felt the need to stand up against bullying. She has partnered with ELLE magazine to launch an anti-bullying campaign. The “JUMP IN” campaign allows fans across the world to submit videos in support, and a lucky few will even have the chance to feature in the official video for the song.

If you want to add your voice, go to Lindiwe’s <; page, listen to the song and upload your video. There are a few rules, though:

– No nudity or violence, be respectful & have fun!

– Record yourself performing the song

– Load your video to youtube

– Your video title MUST BE ((“Jump In” by Lindiwe Suttle))

– Email a link to your video at

The judging starts 30 June. Go on, what are you still waiting for? Add your voice to this initiative and give hope to those who may not have any.


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