Review: John Mayer – “Born And Raised”

Born and Raised Album Cover
“Born And Raised” Artwork


Goodbye Cold

Goodbe Rain

Goodbye Sorrow

And Goodbye Shame

These are the opening lyrics of John’s new album, and sets the tone perfectly for what is set to follow. It’s difficult to think about John Mayer and not be reminded about the last two years. Mayer, who has made headlines for everything from his sexual escapades to his white supremacist dick, has landed in hot water and has since been a recluse.

He bought a proper in the middle of nowhere, where he worked on his latest offering Born And Raised. The album is undoubtedly Mayer’s best album to date. The reason for this has to be the stripped honesty that underlines each track. With “Queen of Carolina”, Mayer seems set to leave the drama  behind, and begin the first day of the rest of his life. The song is followed by my favourite track on the album, “The Age of Worry”. Mayer sings about the importance of being yourself in these crazy times that we live in. “Don’t be scared to walk alone, don’t be scared to like it”, he sings. One can’t help but wonder whether he wants to give the listener hope or whether he’s giving it to himself. “Shadow Days” and “Speak For Me” seems to tackle that infamous Rolling Stone drama.

“Something like Olivia” is about the woman Mayer is in love with, who just happens to be in a relationship with another man. This song has an awesome Stevie Ray vibe to it, and will have you vibeing like there’s no tomorrow.  The title track is undoubtedly the crown jewel of this album. It feels like you’re reading John’s journal hoping not to get caught. Listen to it, and you become part of the rebirth of John Mayer. You may even be reborn yourself. “Love Is A Verb” is just how about words can’t express love, actions do. Which is something we’ve forgotten in modern society.

“Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967”  is another standout. Have you ever had your dreams mocked, your hope squashed? This song will give you the strength to follow your passions, without fear of failure. Dream more, dare more. Live! Have the courage of your convictions. “Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey”, “A Face To Call Home”, and “Born And Raised (Reprise)” are the perfect closers to an exceptional album.

So, I’ve basically given you a track-by-track review, but what makes this album so awesome, I hear you ask? The album’s genius lies in its simplicity. It feels effortless, like John Mayer was overcome with all these emotions all at once. It flows like a river without boundaries. It’s unapologetic. Each track was written and composed with more passion than the previous one. This album could easily be the best of the year.

Best Tracks: All of them, but “The Age of Worry”, “Born and Raised” and “Walt Grace” are just classic gems.

Worst Tracks: Nothing to see here!

Rating: 10/10


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