image Cover Wars: Vogue Goes GaGa For Their September Issue

Yesterday I posted Gwen Stefani’s cover for Harper’s Bazaar. It seems whatever HB can do, Anna Wintour can do better. The mag has released their September cover, and holy mother of Gaga, that’s truly some next level shit. This comes from someone who doesn’t know nearly as much about fashion as I’d like to think. The cover story was written by Jonathan van Meter and, according to GaGa, she was channeling Ru Paul, but admits she could never be as “fierce as that bitch”. Such a class act (sneers). What do you think? Is GaGa winning the September cover wars thus far? Discuss.



  1. i made this same comment elsewhere on wordpress but i think the most surprising thing about this cover is that the dress is marc jacobs.

    i’m a sucker for gaga, style-wise (and on occasion, music wise) and i think she looks phenomenal here. even the hair, which many people have been whining about. i think it’s dope! thanks for sharing!

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