image Adele To Perform At The Olympics Closing Ceremony

Rumour has it (see what I did there?) that Adele will perform at the Olympics closing ceremony tonight. According to various “legitimate” news sites, the singer is set to take the stage. The event, titled A Symphony of British Music, will be opened by The Spice Girls and closed by The Who.

The singer is set to take the stage directly after all the athletes’ arrival into the main arena to sing one of her biggest hits. It’s not exactly known what song she’s going to sing, but Hometown Glory seems like the best choice. I must say, the Brits have done a great job with the event, and has executed it to perfection. Only the South African 2010 Soccer World Cup stands out as a recent success story. It would also be nice to see Adele perform live again, for 21’s sake.

The ceremony is expected to have a global audience of over 1 billion people, and starts at 21h00 UK time, which is 22h00 South African time. Are you excited yet?


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