Yes, I am aware of the backlash which has resulted from the inclusion of British supermodels into last night’s Olympics closing ceremony. To be honest, it really was the only thing that made staying up for the event worth it. Twitter didn’t share the same sentiment at all. Soon after the models made their entry on lorries to the sound of David Bowie’s Fashion, my time line was filled with everything from cocaine jokes to Naomi’s hairline sans weave.

Excuse me, but wasn’t the ceremony supposed to be a celebration of all things British? Does the British fashion industry not count as one of the biggest drivers of their economy? Are Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, David Gandy and Lily Collins not household names in British fashion? I rest my case then.

Now I’m not one to use the word stan often. In fact, I only found out what it means on Friday. Let me say this, I stan for Kate Moss. Hard. She came out last night knowing that nearly a billion people had their eyes on her, and she owned every second. Even Naomi had to take a backseat to the best supermodel of ALL TIME. She looked regal and chic and commanded attention.

At 38, Kate is still ranked as one of the most successful supermodels in the game, and last night she proved why. So to those who say she’s a bad role model, don’t you think the fact that you expect a supermodel to be a role model for your child is the problem in the first place? They sell a lifestyle, not lessons in morality, after all.


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