We’ve all seen the Miley’s new haircut. She loves it. The rest of us,not so much. Tyler, The Creator felt it necessary to tweet about it, though. He had the above to say.

When Miley became aware of the tweet earlier today, she replied to Taylor and said her hair doesn’t compare to the “fuck job’ that is his face. Oh, snap! She did compliment his music , though. You know, to create a cosmic balance. The “twar” came full circle when Tyler thanked her, and called her a butterface. There’s just no hope for Tyler hey. He is just permanently unhinged.

As for these two, Tyler should have kept his opinions to himself. Once your account becomes verified, you need to watch yourself. Someone give him that memo please. As for Miley, she should just have shrugged it off. This won’t be the last time she hears about it. Not until it all grows back, I presume.


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