It’s only been a couple of hours since Taylor Swift released her new single “We Are Never Getting Back Together”, and it has already taken residency at the summit of the iTunes singles chart. The 22 year-old cutie, who released the song after a live web chat with fans, also revealed that her new album, Red, will be released October 22nd. Swift describes the song as “really touching and sensitive”, and “a really romantic song that’s to my lovely ex-boyfriend.”

The song itself is reminiscent of early Avril Lavigne and, despite what its title suggests, very upbeat. I haven’t liked anything from Taylor’s previous album much, so it’s nice to hear a new song that I’ll be playing for a while. Music industry experts expect the song to do big things on radio and the charts, suggesting it might get a Top 5 debut on next week’s Billboard Hot 100.


The only person who may not like this song much is Cody Kennedy, who has to live with the undeniable fact that he will someday be the subject of a Taylor Swift break-up song. Poor chap.


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