American Idol Offers Enrique Iglesias Judging Gig


Enrique Iglesias has officially been offered $ 4 million to join the American Idol judging panel. Everyone from Nick Jonas, Alanis Morrisette and Keith Urban have recently been rumored to replace Jennifer Lopez and Co, who’ve all left or been axed from the show. However, the producers are reportedly intent on finding a Latin American judge. Cue Enrique’s Latino spice!

Iglesias, who is currently on tour with Jennifer Lopez, is considering the offer, with an official announcement expected imminently. However, he is being offered $ 14 million less than  Mariah Carey for the same job. I say try and get more money, buddy. As it stands, the folks at AI are close to signing Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. If they secure all these artist, they will reach a wide demographic within pop, country, R&B and rap, which could provide the ratings boost they were hoping for. As for Enrique, I don’t really mind him, but he doesn’t excite me enough to tune in every week.

Auditions kick off in two weeks, so producers need to get their shit together. How do you feel about the potential judges table? Are the suits’ transparent attempt to restore the show’s declining ratings putting you off, or are you going to tune in anyway? Sound off in the comments section.


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