Review: Kanye West + Jay Z + Big Sean – “Clique”


As G.O.O.D Music gears itself up for the release of “Cruel Summer”, Kanye and crew release “Clique”. For those of you who don’t know, the song is about how their super star posse is bigger and better than any other group out there right now. You know what, they probably are.

Big Sean gets the firs go. “It’s grind day from Friday to next Friday” he raps, suggesting that his crew goes hard. Jay Z’s verse is the killer though. Jigga sounds like he casually strolled into the studio to remind all basic bitches that they’ll never reach his level of success. “Yeah I’m talking Ye, yeah I’m talking Rih, yeah I’m talking Bey, nigga I’m talking me” raps Jay, bragging about his sacred inner circle. When Kanye gets his turn, he rants about Kim’s fame coming from a “home video”, suicidal thoughts after his mom’s death and how being black has contributed to his success.

The strength of the track lies in all three artists bringing their A-game. As with all G.O.O.D Music tracks, Ye expects nothing less. The track is a solid hit, and proves that the G.O.O.D Music crew, which consists of Kanye, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Kid Cudi,, Mr Hudson, Common and John Legend are, indeed, at the top of their game.


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