video Review: Cheryl Cole, “Under The Sun”

Following the success of “Call My Name”, Cheryl releases another infectious, yet less ubiquitous pop song. “Under The Sun” tells the story of a boy who thinks he can use his charm to get away with anything, and still keep his girl. “I’m sure you’ll tell me anything under the sun, like how you think I’m special and the only one”, having had enough. Basically, Cheryl is telling you to kick that trifling, good-for-nothing brother to the curb ladies. Just in a polite, English manner of course.

The song itself is a mid-tempo, retro pop gem that could only be popular in Europe and Africa. I don’t think America will get it. Rather, I don’t really think they want to. Check out the video for the song above.Go ahead, Cheryl’s hot!


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