Review: Christina Aguilera, “Your Body”


After what seems like the most epic fail of her career known as Bionic, Christina Aguilera regrouped and joined The Voice, a singing competition which would help boost her stale career. That’s exactly what the show did, allowing Christina to once again become a topic of discussion around water coolers the world over. Naturally, this is the most opportune time to release new music. Enter “Your Body”.
The song, a collaborative writing effort between Max Martin, Tiffany Amber, Savan Kotecha and Shellback, is a contrived dance track about a woman on the prowl during a night out (with the girls). She just wants a guy to, erm, love for the night and be done with. The quality of the song, or rather lack thereof, is a bit surprising considering Max Martin is a premiere hit maker, being the man behind most of Katy Perry’s career successes. He also assisted the new Taylor Swift hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

That’s all good, but something is missing here. Christina’s vocals, as expected, are impeccable. The track itself takes me back to ‘99, and not in a good idea. It reminds me of that era in the worst way, actually. “Your Body” like a B-side from “Stripped” that wasn’t up to par then, but which she just lazily decided to release as the lead single for her upcoming album Lotus. If “Your Body” is any indication of what Lotus will sound like, it will be a tired, dull representation of where Christina is at creatively right now. It would be safe to conclude her creativity is in the crapper. What gives, Christina? Who knows? Maybe she hasn’t realized that pop music is changing at a rapid pace. For her to keep up, she’ll have to be able to compete with the likes of my girl Rih, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. If not, there may not be a place for her in the next couple of years.

What do you think of “Your Body” ? Am I being too harsh? Is it a grower? Tell me in the comments section.



  1. It’s a great song! Did you actually listen to the entire song? Maybe it’s your lack of taste or you don’t know good music when you hear it!

    • I did actually listen to the song, and came to the conclusion that it sucks. As for everything in life, “good taste” is very subjective thin. Please refrain from insulting someone you don’t even know.

  2. Wow. And this is her “comeback” hit? I’d agree, with this song, she will return to music in a big way because it’s a huge disappointment. Can’t understand why she feels the need to shock us with her lyrics and her standard sexed up videos because hes such an amazing talent…or,, she WAS. Disappointed, but not surprised. Despite still having one of the best voices in the industry, in my opinion, shes been a sell out for years J/S
    😦 😦

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