The Weeknd Reassures Fans His Not Selling Out


Ever since the Canadian indie-rapper announced that he’d signed a deal with Universal to release Trilogy, his music box set, there was one consistent topic I’ve noticed creep up on the blogosphere: Does this mean The Weeknd sold out?

You see, The Weeknd has achieved substantial success and fame without even selling a physical CD. All of his mixtapes were available through his website for free. So, in all fairness, the question of selling out is valid. We all know how record companies love to change the image of artists to make the most money they possibly can. Not if The Weeknd has anything to say about it. He posted the following on his twitter a few hours ago:



There you have it kids. It’s refreshing to see an artist stick to their guns for a change. Only time will tell whether he’ll keep his promise. My two cents? The Weeknd is rad, so why mess with a good thing. As long as he keeps evolving and stay ahead of the pack, he’ll be around for a long time.


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