aside Die Antwoord – “Fatty Boom Boom” (Official Video)

Stop everything you’re doing right now and watch this video. Die Antwoord are not afraid to piss off people, and they’ve chosen three groups to mess with on their new video:

1. Ignorant Americans  who think lions and wildlife roam the street of South Africa thinking that’s the norm. If you’re one of those Americans, please stand corrected. I should know, since I’m a South African. We have cities y’all. And we speak English and wear clothes. Get with the times, and stop your media from selling you on this warped sense of what it means to live in Africa.

2. Lady Gaga stans will hate this. Remember earlier this year when Die Antwoord apparently turned down Gaga’s offer to be her opening act on tour? Yeah, well Die Antwoord is sending a big F-U to Gaga and her stans. How? By having her hijacked! Let’s hope Gaga doesn’t see this video, because that “prawn special” is hilarious. With her touring in the country next month, it could get a little awkward.

3. Yolandi’s “black” face. Erm, yeah Yolandi donning black face make-up has never  received  a great reception, but I’m sure you don’t care because you’re zef like that. Anyway, I’m just saying.
So, after watching the video I’ve realised one thing. Die Antwoord, as awesome as they are, always fail to shock me since I’ve seen to many too many shock tactics on these pop culture streets. But they are a great addition to the pop culture landscape though. Have you watched the video? What did you think? Leave your comments below.

Check out the video here:


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