aside The X Factor USA Renewed For Third Season

X Factor Producer Simon Cowell/Media Image

Well, this is a relief. After going through a major reshuffle after its first season, which saw judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Sherzy, along with host Steve Jones, getting the axe, it seems that the X Factor has finally found a combination that works. After adding Britney and Demi Lavato as new judges, I must admit that the chemistry between the judges is much better. This has obviously translated to the viewers as well. The show will be back for a third season, starting in the Fall 2013.

Simon was happy to share the news with his twitter followers. It’s a huge relief for all the fans of the show. Recent declining ratings have left some industry insiders speculating that the show will be cancelled once season two concludes. However, that is obviously not the case, and I am stoked to hear about it.

Once the live shows start in November, Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez will join the show as its hosts. Simon is getting the format of the show just right, and it will definitely appeal to every kind of American who watches. How do you feel about the news? Do you watch the show? Do you even care? Sound off below.


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