aside Big Concerts Presents Bon Jovi Tour

Please ignore my previous post speculating that Big Concerts will announce Justin Bieber as the concert act on Monday. I’ve done some digging around, and I am 100% sure that the concert promoter will announce that Bon Jovi’s “Because We Can” world tour will see a stop in SA. You see, BC has a tendency to leave clues in their tweets. Look here:

I also came across a post on Rock Music Report that indicates beyond reasonable doubt that I am correct. They even mention Africa tour stops. If you’d like to read it, the article is here.  Pay close attention to BC’s tweet and the opening line of the article. The same line also appears on the band’s official page. Coincidence? I think not.

The tour will also coincide with the release of a new album early next year. I am not the biggest BJ fan, but their songs were made for stadiums as big as Orlando and Cape Town stadium, so it would definitely be a great live music experience.

UPDATE: The tour has been confirmed. Read more here.


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