aside Lady Gaga Beefs With Calvin Harris

Lady Gaga/ Media Image

So Mother Monster seems to have gone through a little twitter meltdown today. It seems Calvin Harris was approached by her label to work with her, but they never informed her about it. When Harris was asked about it recently while on the promotional trail for his album 18 MONTHS, he mentioned that he’d declined the offer, but still remains a fan of the pop supernova. Gaga, unaware that he was asked, went on a little twitter tirade that would put Die Antwoord to shame:

Calvin naturally saw the tweet and rectified the situation, leaving Gaga with egg on her face:

She apologized, but this is somewhat unbecoming of her. She’s always maintained that she doesn’t shade or feud with people, which is part of the reason why I like her. In any case, all’s well that ends well. If anything, we’ve learned two things:

1. Calvin Harris is a classy dude.

2. Lady Gaga has claws, and she will use them whenever necessary.

Anyway, there’s just over a month left before Gaga hits our shores with two shows in Joburg and Cape Town. I’m definitely getting more keen for that.



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