aside Review: Big Sean – “Guap”

“GUAP” Cover Art

Big Sean is a back with a new beat, and this time he takes a hit at all his haters taking aim at for getting guap (paper, money, etc) right now. It’s hard to believe that, a year ago, I had absolutely no idea who Big Sean was. Admittedly, I wasn’t hooked on Complex or any other urban magazine a year ago. In the few months that I’ve listened to him, I’ll adnmit Sean’s grown on me with each new track.

He’s been going hard for a long time though, and hardly seems a flash-in-the-pan rapper. “I’m up for every hour I was slept on”, along with “I give it up to God, and he always replies” are perhaps the best lines on this track. Big Sean wants everyone to know that his success is not accidental. You know what, I don’t think so either. The brother works hard, you have to respect that.

This is a great track that could easily becomes one of his biggest hits. Listen below, and tell me what you think in the comments section:


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