aside Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” Tracklist Features Chris Brown Collaboration

“Unapologetic” Cover Art

So, my girl Rih will contiue to do whatever the hell she wants. However, I didn’t expect her to put Chris Brown on her new album. She’s just released the tracklist for Unapologetic which sees a single “Nobody’s Business” that features Chris Brown. Rih also collaborated with Eminem, Future and Nicky Ekko.

Her relationship with Chris Brown has apparently caused a rift between  her and Katy Perry, who wants no part in her decision to get back together with him. I can’t say I blame her. The album, due November 19, is already riding high with “Diamonds” peaking at number 5 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100. Let’s face it, once the video drops, it will probablly go to number one, cos that’s how Rihanna rolls.

Check out the entire Unapologetic tracklist below:

“Unapologetic” Tracklist

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