aside Frank Ocean’s Music Exclusive On Gossip Girl

Frank Ocean’s Music To Be Heard Exclusively On Gossip Girl

Cue the “selling out” comments, as it has just been announced that Frank Ocean’s music will be featured exclusively on the November 12 episode of Gossip Girl, titled “Monstrous Ball” (you’d think Gaga would be a better fit for that title). Gossip Girl, which is currently airing its sixth and final season, will play “Lost”, “Super Rich Kids”, “Thinkin Bout You”, “Sweet Life” and “Pyramids” as its soundtrack for Blair and Chuck’s quest to be together, Serena’s quest to be bearable and Dan’s journey into becoming the ultimate New York poser.

While it hasn’t been the finest series that was ever created, Gossip Girl is a cult classic that always delivered on great fashion and an even better taste in music. I’m looking forward to the episode to see how they’ll intergrate Frank Ocean’s music into the story line. If this is an amazing episode, it might even propel Ocean’s music to even more success. This is major for him, in more ways than the normal person realises.


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