aside Review: Bruno Mars – “Young Girls”

“Young Girls” Official Artwork

“I spent all my money on a big old fancy car, for these bright-eyed honies…oh yeah you know who you are”, sings Bruno Mars on the opening line of his new track “Young Girls”. The track, which is the follow-up single to “Locked Out Of Heaven”, sees Bruno examining the effects and downfall a beautiful woman can be to the weaknesses of a man.

This track flips the switch in a big way. The woman takes the role of the heartbreaker. “All you young wild girls you make a messof me,yeah you young wild girls you’ll be the death of me”, his lament continues. Funny enough, he performed this song at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show,playing to exactly the kind of woman the song is probably about.

“Girls” definitely slows down the ante from where the Police-inspired “Locked Out Of Heaven” left off. It’s more subdued and emotionally raw, but will definitely be a big hit for Mr Mars. I must admit, if the two singles are any indication of what we can expect from Unorthodox Jukebox, due December 12, Bruno Mars will have a big album on his hands. Great track, go buy it.

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