aside Hey South Africa, Here’s Your Lady Gaga Setlist

Lady Gaga is set to rock Johannesburg this week. Which songs should she play? /Media Image

You know when you go to a concert, and half of the people there seemm to know only the artist’s biggest hits? I remember when Kings of Leon toured the country last year, and close to seventy percent of those in attendance seemed to only know “Sex On Fire” and “Use Somebody”. These are probably the same dimwits who go to places simply to be seen, and not particularly to enjoy themselves.

Now Lady Gaga will be in the country to perform to shows, starting Friday in Johannesburg and ending Monday, 03 Decmber in Cape Town. While she has many hits, including “Poker Face”, “Born This Way” and “Bad Romance”, she also has a lot of album cuts that make their way only on tour and nowhere else. Yes kids, artist actually play songs  that haven’t seen a video or any other promotion. I saw it fit to roam the internet and find the most recent setlist of her concert in Peru to share with you guys. These setlists are pretty much set in stone and, give or take a few songs, are repeated at every show.  So b*tch, don’t kill my vibe at this concert by making sure you know all these songs:

1. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)

2. Government Hooker

3. Born This Way

4. Black Jesus Amen Fashion

5. Bloody Mary

6. Bad Romance

7. Judas

8. Fashion Of His Love

9. Just Dance

10. LoveGame

11. Telephone

12. Heavy Metal Lover

13. Bad Kids

14. Hair

15. You & I

16. Electric Chapel

17. Americano

18. Poker Face

19. Alejandro

20. Paparazzi

21. ScheiBe

22. The Edge of Glory

23. Marry The Night

There you have it. See you  crazy kids at the concert.


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