aside Review: 50 Cent Feat. Adam Levine & Eminem – “My Life” (Official Video)

“My Life” Artwork

Not since he released “Ayo Technology” with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake has 50 cent had a big hit on the Billboard singles chart. This could all change, since Fiddy’s new track, which features current music “it” boy Adam Levine and Eminem, is currently billed to do big things. It has already achieved number one status on iTunes.

Upon first listen, “My Life” sounds like a straight out hit. However, on second or third spin, you start to wonder how contrived this collaboration is. The track sounds like something an artist would make with the intention of writing a hit. Adam Levine is no stranger to working with rap artists, having been featured on Kanye’s “Heard ’em Say”. However, that song had a much more raw, artistic quality to it then “My Life”.

That being said, “My Life” will certainly mark a return to the charts for 50 cent, but not necessarily a return to quality music. You can watch the official video for the track below:


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