aside Skylar Grey Feat. Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

C'mon Let Me Ride Artwork
C’mon Let Me Ride Artwork

Skylar Grey has always been a voice and not a face to me, if that makes sense. In a sense, it is a big compliment. I just want to hear the music, but rarely care about the face behind the voice.

Well, that is all about to change with the release of “C’mon Let Me Ride”, which features a rap from Eminem, as well as a sample of Queen’s “Bicycle Ride”. The risque track is actually open to interpretation. On the one hand, it could be similar to Pink’s “Stupid Girls”, done with the intention to poke fun at “dumb”, sexed-up Hollywood lasses. On the other, it could just be a girl who wants to, erm, take a ride on the boy that she likes.

The video, however, is not open to any interpretation. Catch Dr Skylar Grey’s trashy, trailer-park hotness below:









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