aside Watch Mr Hudson’s Suave “Fred Astaire” Video

Mr Hudson /Media Image
Mr Hudson /Media Image

Mr Hudson has just released the video for his single “Fred Astaire”. My first thought was thank God someone finally got tasteful nudity in music video in music videos right this year. Recently we’ve seen Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke release videos which attempts to parade female nudity as art.

Those videos failed because it uses women as props, a means to an end. The video to “Fred Astaire” sees Mr Hudson waking up and, presumably, come up with the song, giving us some inside to his creative process. He is inspired by a date he has later on with a super sexy woman. He uses his favourite cologne, he dons the Hardy Amies suit. He drives his vintage Triumph to his date’s house. Then we see the woman getting ready and, tastefully nude, in anticipation of her evening with this suave modern gentleman.

It is romantic, yet edgy. It’s poised with the anticipation of adventure. The song itself is an uber fave. Well done to Mr Hudson on a fine song, as well as Rankin and Vicky Lawton for some great directorial work. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think:


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