aside Cape Town, Your Bastille Setlist


Happy new year kids. With the new year comes endless possibilities. None of which excites us more than the promise of live music.Well, we’re lucky. Seed Experiences, together with 5FM are bringing UK band Bastille to play three shows in Cape Town and Joburg next week.

The band will headline two shows at Kirstenbosch on the 08th and 10th respectively, as well as one show in Joburg on the 11th to conclude the tour. Unfortunately, all Cape Town tickets have been sold out. You snooze…

We’ve done you guys one better, and looked at Bastille’s recent tour set lists, to compile what we think will be the songs they will play in SA.

The support acts for the tour are Bed On Bricks (Cape Town and Joburg), Matthew Mole (Joburg only) and Beatenberg band (Joburg only).

Here is the full list:

1. Bad Blood
2. Things We Lost in the Fire
3. Overjoyed
4. The Silence
5. What Would You Do?
(City High cover)
6. Daniel in the Den
7. Weight of Living, Pt. II
8. Blame
9. Laura Palmer
10. These Streets
11. The Draw
12. Icarus
13. Flaws

14. Get Home
15. Of the Night
16. Pompeii


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