Frank Ocean Settles Chipotle Suit Out Of Court In The Best Way [UPDATED]


UPDATE: A spokesperson for Chipotle has given an official statement to Rolling Stone in response to Frank Ocean’s big “F**k you”: “If/when we get a check from Frank, we should be able to close the books on this. Right now, all we have is a photo online.” Spicy!

Frank Ocean has just won the internet in the best way. Chipotle filed a lawsuit against Ocean on Friday, claiming that the singer backed out of a deal to record a song for an ad campaign after being paid an advance already. Ocean was paid $ 212,500, with the remainder to be paid once the work is done. Things between Ocean and Chipotle have obviously not worked out.

According to reports, Ocean wanted the final say. To be fair, he was being paid by Chipotle to deliver what they wanted. Frank apparently did not like that Chipotle’s logo would be displayed when the ad launched. Well, they paid him to promote their brand. Anyway, indie artists and their fear of big corporates.

We do love Frank, and his response to Chipotle’s suit is pure G. He posted this on his tumblr today, Mon 10:


A cheque!!! This is a clear message that he would rather lose some money, than to compromise his artistic integrity. Good on you, Frank. He currently has a new song, which features Diplo, for Converse’s Three Artists, One Song series. You can listen to it here.


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